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Background History
Ballymacads hunting history was first recorded in the area from
1730 when the local pack belonged to the Sherbourne family of
Loughcrew. Huntsman Brian McCormack, locally known as 'Brian
Bawn' who died while huntsman in 1751 was buried at Moylagh
Castle (see logo above).

On his deathbed, he requested that he be buried standing up 'so
that i can hear and see the hounds leaving Grennan for
Loughcrew'. On his headstone in Moylagh there is said to be an
engraving of a hunting whip, horn, and hound.

In 1792 a pack known as the Ballymacad hounds were started by
three men living on the borders of Cavan and Meath. The Rev.
Dean Maxwell and a Mr. Morton of Kilnacrott were the masters.
Little else is known of this period.

In 1826 Mr.J.L Naper of Loughcrew became master and he built
the kennels in an old mill at Ballymacad. Hunting centred around
Loughcrew and Oldcastle.
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