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Kit Gilsenan
Kit started in the Kennels at the age of 14 and spent 55 years with the Ballymacads, his knowledge of the country and particulary his relationship with farmers in the area, helped hunting to thrive through difficult times. Kit loved hunting and his days on 'Silver' are well remembered. He was founder member of the hunt supporters club and made sure of it's survival for 30 years.

The Donohue's
When the kennels were built at Gornabolia in about 1910 Larry Donohue who was gamekeeper to the Naper Estate became kennel Huntsman. In about 1930 Paddy Donohue took over the job of huntsman and Peter in 1937. He hunted hounds with many different Masters for 35 Seasons. His knowledge hunting hounds and horses was well regarded all around the country, this knowledge has still remained. In 1976 Barry took over as huntsman on Peter's retirement and carried th horn for 26 seasons. in 1997, Kevin, the fourth generation from the family became huntsman, and still is to this day. The Donohue's have been huntsmen to the Ballymacad's for nearly 100 years.

Jack Martin
In 1932 Mr. Jack Martin became master and huntsman of the Ballymacads at the age of 19. His father wanting him to learn how to hunt hounds, paid for his mastership. Surprisingly, he turned out to be a very fine huntsman and the poem" Mutt of the Ballymacad" was written about a terrier if his.

Current Line-Up

Uniform :
Green. Evening Dress: Red coat, pale green collar and facings. Hunt buttons

Chairman : Paul Keogan

Joint Masters : James Stevenson, Thomas Kellett

Hon. Secretary : Anne Marie Galligan

Huntsman : Kevin Donohue

Whippers-in : Bobby Kellett and Maurice Quinn

Kennel Huntsman : Alan Keogan

Kennels : Grennan, Oldcastle County Meath

Meet : Tuesday and Saturday.

There are over 100 members in the Ballymacad Hunt
Past Members